How to remove a dresser

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How to remove a dresser?

  1. Clear out the dresser: Take out all the items from the drawers and the top of the dresser. This will make it easier to move and handle.

  2. Remove drawers (if applicable): Some dressers have drawers that can be easily removed. If so, take them out one by one. Usually, you just need to pull the drawer all the way out and lift it slightly to clear the tracks. Set them aside in a safe place.

  3. Empty any contents from the dresser: Check for any items that might be stored inside the dresser itself. People often forget things tucked away behind or beneath drawers.

  4. Detach any mirrors or other attachments: If your dresser has a mirror attached to it, or any other additional attachments, you’ll want to remove those next. Mirrors are usually held in place with screws or brackets. Unscrew them carefully and set the mirror aside.

  5. Disassemble (if necessary): Some dressers might need to be partially or fully disassembled for easier removal. This typically involves unscrewing the various parts such as the legs, top, sides, and back. Keep track of the hardware (screws, bolts, etc.) so you can reassemble it if needed.

  6. Protect the floor and pathways: Before moving the dresser, protect your floors from scratches by using furniture sliders or by placing a thick blanket underneath it. Also, make sure there’s a clear path to where you’re moving the dresser to avoid any accidents.

  7. Enlist help: Dressers can be heavy and awkward to move on your own. Enlist the help of a friend or family member to assist you in lifting and carrying it.

  8. Move the dresser: Lift the dresser carefully from the bottom, keeping your back straight, and carry it to its new location. Take your time and watch out for any obstacles.

  9. Reassemble (if necessary): Once the dresser is in its new location, reassemble it if you had to take it apart. Use the hardware you saved earlier to put everything back together securely.

  10. Clean up: Finally, clean up any debris or dust left behind from moving the dresser.

By following these steps, you should be able to remove your dresser safely and efficiently.

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